Everybody (well, almost everybody) wants to make more money and at the same time enjoy their lives more. To achieve this is not as difficult as you think. Who does not dream of earning more money at home, so that you have more freedom or that you can work from anywhere in the world?

Work from anywherJust imagine, you can rent a house for a few weeks in a nice place and make money at the same time, that will make you feel rich! Rich is not only about money, but it is also a feeling! It is not difficult, and it is for everybody.

Don’t stay sitting on the couch, take action, do something and get rich in a year!


Make money by doing nothing.

This is for the lazy ones under us ( (: ), making money and not doing anything else than sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Make money by doing nothing is not so easy, almost every way to earn money requires some action. A solution can be, is to marry a rich person, this way you can do nothing and be rich at the same time…… Another way is to buy lottery tickets, this can be very profitable but there is no guarantee for success, so it can take years before you hit the jackpot, But if you like this (and why not), you have to try The Lotter. The Lotter is a company that offers people the freedom to purchase official lottery tickets from around the world. This way you can participate in lotteries from many countries and so have higher chances to win something. I did a review of The Lotter, and you can find it here, remember that you never win something as you don’t participate, so just try it once! Another way is to go to an online casino, gamble and maybe you are lucky! So it is possible to make money by doing (almost) nothing!

Make money with your hobby.

Make MoneyMaking money with your hobby is great and is the best and easiest way to earn more money. Everybody has a hobby or has a subject what interest him or her, and that is all you need! Doing things you like or talking about things you like is easy and making money this way is fantastic, it does not feel like work, it is a relaxing way to earn some more money. Everybody can do this, and it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, just be open to learning something new. I will give some examples how and where to start.

Make money with a website.

For example, you have dogs and like dogs a lot, in that case, you can make a website about dog toys with affiliate links and start earning money as soon as someone buys something. Or you like baseball, in that case, you can make a website about baseball equipment and earn money that way. There are so many possibilities. You just have to stop sitting on the couch and watching TV all night and start thinking what hobbies you have and which kind of website you want to have and then start earning some extra money. Read this article about making a website now or and read this article how you can learn everything you need to know about making money with a website for free !!

Make money with trading.

OK, you don’t want to make a website, but you are interested in trading or curious about it. You can start for example with trading Forex (Forex is foreign exchange market, trading currency).It is not easy, but you can start with a demo account, this is free, and there is no risk at all because you don’t trade with real money. Or you start trading stocks; you can also doing that with a demo account. Trading is exciting and very interesting, but you have to be careful because you can also lose money. I trade on the Forex market for a long time now, and I make some money this way, it took a while, but with patience, everybody can learn it. Before you start with trading, read this article first I wrote about forex trading. Maybe you will find a new hobby and make money at the same time!

Do something you like, earn money and be very happy!

Rich in a YearIf you want to make a little extra money, then do something, without any action your situation will not change ! Don’t waste your time with sitting on your couch, but whatever you do, do something you like and know about a lot. This way it does not feel like work but it is like a hobby and making money with a hobby is the best there is. Don’t be afraid to try something new, I gave you just a few examples but there are much more. You will feel great, and I am sure that when you make your first profit, you will feel rich! So maybe it is possible to get rich in a year!

If you have any questions or remarks, just send me an email, or drop a comment below. I will always respond and help you.