2017 MyThemeShop Review – WordPress Themes for Websites

Updated July 2017.

Name: My Theme Shop
Branch: WordPress Themes and Plugins
Price: various prices, starting free till maximum $59,= for themes and maximum $89,= for plugins
Owner: Eric Shafer
Total score:  (4.5 out of 5)


What is MyThemeShop?

Well, the name says it all, it is a WordPress themes shop, they sell themes and plugins for WordPress based websites.

They have around 140 themes and plugins, under them there are some free ones. They already have more than 370000 users.

You can either buy a single theme or plugin, or you can take a “membership” and have access to all the themes and plugins for no additional cost.

This website is built with a MyThemeShop theme, called SocialNow.

MyThemeShop themes.

ThemeAll the themes come with an easy-to-use yet powerful options panel, so you can customize your website just the way you want it. The themes come with dummy data, this way you can have a website looking just like the demo in just a few minutes. After that you delete the text you don’t want to have, and the frame of your website is ready. You can change all the colors to any color you want with just a few clicks, and also they come with unlimited background options. Furthermore, there are more than 600 fonts available.

Very important, is that underneath all of this there is a clean, lightweight, and robust code, built in accordance with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup standards. What’s more, to ensure your site is as visitor-friendly as possible, all themes boast a fully mobile responsive design, lightning-quick load times, and cross-browser compatibility.

Also, each theme comes with a narrated video tutorial, that is very handy for the first set up. I must say, I am very pleased with my theme, and it is not difficult to change and configure things!

Another good thing is that they don’t put a limit on how many times you use their products, you can use them on unlimited domains. The themes are divided into four categories, blog, business, e-commerce, and magazine.


MyThemeShop plugins.

MyThemeShop also has plugins; some are even free. These plugins are the same great quality as the themes; they are easy to install and to set up and optimized for fast loading. Each plugin also comes with a narrated video tutorial, for making the installation and configuration easy. I use a few plugins from MyThemeShop, they fit perfectly in the design of their themes, but as they are fully configurable, you can use them with any other theme you want.

Most popular plugins are:

  • WP Review – This free plugin is used for adding reviews to your site. There is also a paid version with more WP Subscribeoptions, WP Review Pro.
  • WP Subscribe – This free plugin is used for adding subscription boxes to your site. There is also a paid version with more options, WP Subscribe Pro.
  • URL Shortener – This free plugin is used for making short URL’s and to hide affiliate links. There is also a paid version with more options, URL Shortener Pro.


MyThemeShop support.

As mentioned before each item you buy comes with a manual and video tutorial, in the member area on the website you will find more videos about configuring and installing themes and plugins. There is also a forum, so you can check if your question is already answered before. In the case that you ask a question in the forum, normally you will have an answer within the hour. I was really amazed by the fast response of the support team, they offer 24/7 support, and for what I experienced it is true.

MyThemeShop offers great support to free users as well, believing that the support a person receives for a product shouldn’t depend on whether they paid or not. There are not many companies that offer this kind of support.


MyThemeShop, Pros, and Cons.


  • Free themes and plugins available.
  • Themes are fully configurable.
  • Easy install and configuration of the themes and plugins.
  • Themes and plugins are SEO optimized.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Use on unlimited domains
  • Great support, including videos about every theme and plugin.



  • Difficult to choose a theme out of so many options



MyThemeShop value for money.

You definitely get value for money with a theme or plugin from MyThemeShop (especially the free ones 🙂 ) The prices for themes are very reasonable, and you can use the plugins and themes on unlimited domains. When you are a website developer, you can take a membership and use all the themes and plugins with no limit (see for actual prices the website).


My final opinion of MyThemeShop.

I am very pleased with my products of the MyThemeShop, they look great and are easy to install and to configure. In the case that you have a problem, support will react with an answer very fast. I suggest you just have a look at their collection and maybe download a free theme or plugin for starting. This way you get some experience with their products, I am sure you will not be disappointed! Check it out here!

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